About Us

Dew Drop® Purewater was born out of founder, Mark Rault (a sports therapist and endurance athlete) and his desire to find a clean, pure hydration medium to assist in the optimisation of athletic performance. If an athlete engaged in serious training, who uses up large quantities of bodily water on a daily basis does not replace this fluid, performance will suffer. This replacement fluid also then needs to be clean and pure!

When one thinks of pure water, what definition comes to mind? It should be just H2O, and nothing else! Not H2O with minerals and fluoride, that is not pure water. For all intents and purposes, distilled water comes the closest to this definition of pure drinking water. The process of distillation removes the broadest range of contaminants over any other point of use (POU) system, and it is classified as disinfection technique. Disinfection is critical to water safety. Disinfection is necessary to destroy pathogenic (disease-producing) bacterial and other harmful organisms that may be present in a water. Methods of disinfection include chlorination, distillation, ultraviolet treatment and ozonation. Reverse osmosis and filters (carbon and others) are not disinfection techniques.

World-wide water authorities ensure that tap water meets certain standards. These may differ from country to country but nowhere are you likely to find tap water that is by our definition 'pure' (10-12 parts per million contaminants).
Bottled mineral water is often considered an alternative and yet in countries where the bottled water industry is not regulated, how does one know whether something declared as mineral water is not just tap water put through a few conditioning filters to make it taste better? It may be water drawn from an underground source and put through a few conditioning filters. What if that underground source draws from a contaminated aquifer? Many kilometres from the aquifer takeoff point there may be a toxic waste facility, or a residential area where water-borne sewage facilities are either non-existent or poorly maintained and contaminants are continually leak into the ground water? Bottled distilled waters are the only clean bottled source.

We manufacture Dew Drop® Purewater, a distilled bottled water. Our raw water source is a borehole drawn from an aquifers in the Midrand, South Africa, area. The raw water passes through a carbon pre-filter to help take out odours, sediment and other organic contaminants, then through a water softening plant and then into the boiling tank of the distiller. It is heated, turns to steam and then passes through a condenser where it is returned to its liquid state. Prior to entering the condenser small vents allow the VOC's (volatile organic compounds) not left behind in the boiling chamber, to be vented to atmosphere prior to the cooling phase. It then passes through a carbon filter post-filter and an ultra violet disinfection system before entering the 316l stainless steel storage vessel. The product is passed through a final filter during the bottle filling phase.