Does distilled water leach minerals from your body?

People who try to spread this myth want you to believe that because distilled water is so pure, by drinking it you will leach minerals from your body, robbing oneself of good health and nutrition.

The leaching part is partially true. The minerals that are leached (removed) by distilled water are the inorganic minerals that the body cannot use, thus cleansing the system. This is a healthy effect rather than an unhealthy one. Distilled water will not leach organic minerals that have become part of the cell structure.

One of the best-selling health and diet books : "Fit for Life II: Living Health" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond has this to say:

"Distilled water has an inherent quality. Acting almost like a magnet, it picks up rejected, discarded, and unusable minerals, and assisted by the blood and the lymph, carries them to the lungs and kidneys for elimination from the body. The statement that distilled water leaches minerals from the body has no basis in fact. It does not leach out minerals that have become part of the cell structure. It can't and won't. it collects only minerals that have already been rejected or excreted by the cells…To suggest that distilled water takes up minerals from foods so that the body derives no benefits from them is absurd."