Should distilled water be re-mineralised?

Why would one want to re-mineralise what one has just made pure? Some claims are made that although distilled water does not leach minerals from the body, it does not contain the essential minerals for human health that ground water has.

Our own South African water authority claims (Business Report, Monday, 20 March 2000) "Water quality is based on the fact that it needs to be of a certain biological quality, and have a particular mineral and chemical content." The only chemical content in water should be H2O!

They go on further to say "It is important to remember that water is also a food as it carries certain minerals and trace elements which the body requires. A healthy water has a balanced mineral content. It should not have too little or too much minerals as less than the minimum level will result in a mineral deficiency, while too many minerals can result in toxicity."

If we relied on our water to provide our minerals, we would not survive. It is the provision of inorganic minerals (via fertilisers and good quality soil) to growing plants, which then convert and concentrate the inorganic minerals into organic mineral forms. We then eat that plant produce and thereby get access to the organic minerals that the human body can assimilate and use., that provides humans and animals with the majority of our mineral requirements.

The majority of our minerals are derived from our food: fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, grains, nuts, and dairy products. The minerals present in tap water, even if they were of an organic nature that the body could use, are so scant that it is absurd to say that water with little or no minerals present will result in a deficiency.

In certain municipal areas in the US, one would need to drink in excess of 600 x 250ml glasses of tap water to get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium, in excess of 1,500 x 250ml glasses for the RDA equivalent of magnesium, in excess of 800 x 250ml glasses for the RDA equivalent of iron, .. you get the point? South Africa is no different.